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Why Protein?
Proteins are one of the three basic food types, the other two are fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are essential for growth and repair. Skin organs, muscles, hair and fingernails are all mainly protein materials. The amino acids contained in protein participate in virtually every process that takes place in the cells. The body is unable to make the nine essential amino acids and it must obtain them from the food we eat. The body is capable of synthesising amino acids into glucose which is then used by the cells for energy. If a person starved themselves then the body would turn to its muscle protein to meet its energy needs resulting in muscle mass reduction. It is unacceptable for a person going on a weight loss program to lose their muscle mass. Muscles are the engine that burn fat, any loss in muscle means that when the person stops dieting they will likely pack the weight back on ... and some. Adequate protein supplementation is the only way to prevent muscle mass loss when losing weight. Dietary sources of protein include eggs, dairy products, meat, nuts, legumes and some grains. The body requires approximately 1/2 gram of protein per day for each pound of lean body mass. Calculate your daily protein intake. You might be surprised. The quality of the protein is extremely important as it has a positive effect on protein absorption. The Ideal Protein products are made in an ISO 9001 certified laboratory in accordance with pharmaceutical standards. They contain superior quality, high biological value protein called protein isolate and are manufactured form 4 sources of protein: - Soy isolates, - Whey isolates and concentrates, - Albumin from egg whites and - Collagen from beef 
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