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Weight Loss at Newera
The high quality Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Protocol has 4 phases, we teach you how to lose the weight, control it and then keep it off.  On phase one our clients typically lose between 10 to 15 pounds per month. The protein foods, available in over 60 delicious varieties, have high biological value, are low in calories, low in fat and contain twenty one essential amino acids. This diet stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. The high quality protein found in the products also help with cellulite reduction, skin revitalization and can be used as a food supplement for sports/outdoor activities and convalescence. You won’t find a better source of concentrated protein that’s low in calories and carbohydrates. We are commited to providing personal one-to-one coaching and will guide you through the process including maintenance. We know that you will find us dedicated, friendly, and courteous. We want you to lose those pounds and keep them off. Remember that losing weight is an investment in your health. To your health, success and happiness ...
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