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Weight Loss Testimonials
Testimonials from Our Clients Sherrie and Dave Richards from Victoria BC Both Dave and I are about halfway to our weight loss goals and we have found the Ideal Protein experience fairly easy to fit into our daily schedules. While we have good and bad days, overall the program has been satisfying and has definitely produced the results we were looking for. I have averaged a loss of two pounds per week and Dave has averaged a loss of four pounds per week. As a welcome side effect of the program, my skin, hair and nails have never looked so good. Most of the food is very tasty and some of it will remain part of our daily routine even after we move through the maintenance phase and back out into the “real world” Jenny is an extremely empathic and supportive coach and we do, and will continue to, recommend her and the program to who ever will listen to us. Having coaches who are (or have been) in the program themselves adds credibility to Ideal Protein’s weight loss claims. LC, Victoria BC I have tried many diets over the years and Ideal Protein is the best and easiest one to stick to. I have lost 16 pounds in 5 weeks and feel fabulous. People have commented on how much better I am walking! I have way more energy which is great because I have a very demanding job with long hours. I appreciate the support and encouragement I receive from Jen and the selection of foods is great. I am looking forward to seeing the results in the future...I am encouraged by my success so far. Rhonda, Langford BC Absolutely LOVE this program. Down 100.9 lbs today - 51/2 months after I started. Outstanding program! very easy to follow with inspiring results. Thank you Jenny! Just returned from Disney & I still lost!! Have program - will travel Just Ideal for me! Howard, Salt Spring Island BC All kidding aside, which I like to do, this program works. I feel and look 10 years younger. I can hardly wait to hit the scale. Brenda, Victoria BC 7 months on IP and my entire life has changed. Keeping it going is getting harder but the end is in sight. Every goal I cross off my list makes me a better person and I have your family to thank - and Dave and Sherrie. You have helped create a very happy girl. Lenna, Victoria BC This is the best weight loss system EVER! 32lbs - felt fantastic all the way through and have sent several people in who all are thrilled with their results. I feel like I now have control over my size for life & that is such a relief. THANK YOU! Colleen, Victoria BC Great tasting food and easy to stick to! Fabulous support too! from the Incredible Shrinking Woman. Eva, Victoria BC Last week while out with my “skinny” sister a stranger commented that she was larger than me. That’s the first time I have ever been referred to as smaller than her!. LD, Victoria BC I finally have control of my Yo-Yo weight - this is the most empowering program I’ve ever tried. Amber, Mill Bay BC No more cravings! I love seeing results and feeling great. The support from Katie is outstanding! Janet, Mill Bay BC Awesome program, this is life changing. Finally something that works and makes it easy to follow. I’ve started an epidemic @ work with over ten people joining Ideal Protein. Nancy, Mill Bay BC Best thing I’ve noticed are quick results, not feeling to hard done by and decreased hip pain! Not bad after only 7 weeks. Lyn, Mill Bay BC I can’t believe that I’m not putting the weight back on and I eat everything that I want to now. I just don’t feel like eating as much. Testimonials from the USA Dr. Charles Goodrich Waynesbo Va. I had been having trouble with high blood sugar levels for a number of years, and had been taking Metformin and recently had to add Jenuvia. My glucose values (fasting) continued to run in the range of 135 to 150. After consulting with Kathy Bertsch and Mike Ciell, I decided to try the Ideal Protein diet to get control of the blood sugar and lose 12 to 15 pounds. After the first day of Phase 1, my glucose level dropped from 158 to 103, and after 2 weeks my weight had gone from 167 to 155 (my goal). After 5 weeks I was ready for phase 4, and had blood work done a week later. My triglyceride’s dropped from the 270-390 range down to 64, and cholesterol dropped to 144 with the LDL/HDL ratio going from 6.8 to 3.8. In addition to the improved blood results my waist dropped from 36 to 33 inches, and I lost 2 or 3 inches in chest, hips, thighs, etc. A month after starting phase 4 I went to my 50th college reunion, and got wonderful remarks from my class mates about how fit and good I looked. I feel good, and am happy to find out about the results that can be obtained with Ideal Protein products. If I ever do it for a few days on vacation, it only takes a day or two on phase 1 or 2 to get back under control. Dr. Suzan Starler, D.C. Owner Starler Chiropractic and Weight Loss - Santa Monica, CA Every now and then, you read something that just makes sense. For every individual who needs to permanently lose weight, whether it is 10, 50, or 150 pounds, the Ideal Protein Weight-Loss Method just makes sense. Aesthetics and Wellness The program is also a cost effective solution to body shaping. Expensive non-invasive laser therapy has become increasingly popular among clients trying to reduce body circumference. Weaver still believes in lasers as powerful tools for skin tightening and resurfacing, but short of liposuction, a client's best option for rapid "dress-size" reduction remains responsible weight loss. "I can spend $85- 100,000 on a laser that will only produce a two or three centimeter reduction after four treatments over several months and cost the client $2,000," Weaver notes, "Or I can help a client lose far more than two centimeters in just one week on the Ideal Protein program for less than $150."
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